3rd Generation Blockchain Technologies (and forum introduction)


“>3rd generation blockchain technologies”

I’m starting to hear this thrown around, Cardano (ADA) from IOHK praises itself as a 3rd generation blockchain not to say that its not a promising project. It’s just: What makes a blockchain generation? Goals of the technology? General advancements in the field? I saw Ethereum, Bitcoin and the sorts as advancing technologies so where does this buzzword fall into place? How would you describe it?

Also hello, I’m a noob that’s fascinated by distributed networks/ledgers, after learning about the actual dept of the blockchain world I demanded from social security to get me on the path to school. I’ll be asking lots of general questions and poking my nose at possible routes to education and possibly development in the space. Big fan of functional programming.


Welcome, @Camio! Great that you are here.
I am also a big functional proogramming fan and, amongst other places active on the Elixir forum. My own intro to the DLTworld was in 2012 when I first learned about Bitcoin. After a couple of small Bitcoin-elated jobs I made the front-end of the SatoshiCarnival provably fair bitcoin casino. After a couple of years I ended up working at/co-founded a company where we are actively working with fault-tolerant and decentralized software called resilia.nl
Right now I am working with Etereum on a day-by-day basis, but also very interested in all the other tech out there.

Let me actually open an introductions-topic; seems like a good idea.

Bitcoin is obviously the ‘first generation’. Probably, simple forks that keep most of its functionality unchanged like Litecoin and possibly Namecoin can be called the same.

I think most other, newer tech that is built from the ground up and/or has significant functional changes, is ‘second generation’. ‘third generation’ is mostly a term that is used to differentiiate your product from all other second generation products, and it is arguable if they are actually different enough to be considered a new generation objectively, in my opinion.